Elissa fell into running at the age of 9. Via cross-country running. “I was offered to compete in a 2K race, I thought it was cool to miss a day of school. The coach, who is also a friend of my mother, saw me struggling in the first 500 meters. He said it was no surprise because he didn’t think I had trained enough. I’m competitive, so I pulled myself together and finished third”. The ice was broken.

He has been running from an early age and has taken on some of the most unusual challenges. Discover the exciting life of this passionate runner.

My mission: to give young people a taste for sports so that they develop healthy lifestyle choices later on.

“Then I started running again, but as a beginner. I haven’t run a marathon since, but I do run at least one half-marathon a year. With each race, with each stride, I celebrate life.” Read about Céline Daigle’s gratitude-tinged journey.

In 2018, Sébastien Roulier became the fastest marathon runner on the planet to complete the 42.2 km while pushing a person living with a disability in a wheelchair in a time of 3:01:01.

This lifelong runner has a vivid memory of the moment he knew he was going to dedicate his life to the fight against cancer. It was in 1980, when he saw Terry Fox on television.

Anne-Marie Comeau is the first woman to cross the finish line of the 21.1 km at the 2018 Montréal Marathon with a time of 1:14:46. This made her the fastest woman in Quebec.