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Jean-Sébastien Sauvageau – Red Flag

Jean-Sébastien is not the archetypal couch potato. But by his own account, there came a time in his life when he had to take charge. “It was back in 2017. Me and my partner had just had our third child and as parents, we sometimes tend to forget about each other… A nurse had come to visit me at my workplace. I’ll never forget her saying, ‘You know, the best insurance you have to see your kids grow up is your own health.’ That was the trigger.”

Elissa Legault – Faster and faster

Elissa fell into running at the age of 9. Via cross-country running. “I was offered to compete in a 2K race, I thought it was cool to miss a day of school. The coach, who is also a friend of my mother, saw me struggling in the first 500 meters. He said it was no surprise because he didn’t think I had trained enough. I’m competitive, so I pulled myself together and finished third”. The ice was broken.