Here we are, on the home stretch of our preparation for the race! My last tip will help you manage your effort, from start to finish, to make sure you complete your race with a smile, feeling you have given everything. But not during the first minutes; gradually, all the way to the end.

For my ninth tip, I choose a provocative title to convey an essential notion: the direct causal link between the weight of your feet and your performances. More precisely, the weight that you carry at the end of your legs.

Mon eighth tip is at least as important as the previous one. If pain or discomfort forces you to take a break from running, avoid resting completely for more than 2 or 3 days. Do not wait too long before you resume stimulating your muscles, bones, etc.

My seventh tip concerns 50 % of runners, who injure themselves every year, unfortunately. Because to avoid getting injured, you must learn how to skip a beat – and, especially, when it is best to do it!

Did you follow your training plan to the letter? Avoid messing up by strictly adhering to the following four golden rules. Your best running experience will be the result!


What sports foods and products are good for energy from the beginning to the end of long runs? Have you started testing them? If not, take action!

My fifth tip is adding strength training to your routine. Not every day, but just the minimum dose to improve your running economy and for longer-lasting legs!

My sixth tip can make the difference between exhaustion and fulfillment: at least every 4 weeks, ease off to let your body adapt to the training you impose on it!

My third tip is counterintuitive but essential: you have to run slowly to run fast. Not necessarily fast like Letesenbet Gidey or Eliud Kipchoge. Just faster and faster – whatever your pace.

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Today, I’m giving you my third tips for excelling at the Montréal Beneva Marathon.
When I first started training for my first marathon, I always ran alone, during my daughter’s naps. I trained in any way I could, without following a plan and, above all, without the magical feeling of working less hard when running with a group of friends.